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Increase sales in minutes by joining the Harmony Merchant Network

The Harmony Merchant Network allows you to easily list and sell on multiple private e-commerce marketplaces, all from a single account

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The fastest way to grow your e-commerce business
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Sell on numerous private marketplaces with global brands

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Revenue share model that has zero upfront or monthly fees

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48 hours average onboarding time

“After onboarding last month, I am already selling over 1,000 SKUs on two new private marketplaces. Harmony’s system allows me to cross-sell on many exclusive marketplaces with a single account. The unique advantage is that these marketplaces offer access to a new captive buyer base providing net new sales.”

Join the Harmony Merchant Network and start selling quickly
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1: Create your account

Complete your onboarding at Get approved in hours, not weeks or months.

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2: List or find products to sell

Upload your own products for sale or apply to sell on behalf of other merchants.

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3: Connect to global marketplaces

Build relationships with marketplace owners and connect with customers from all around the world.

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4: Generate orders and earn revenue

Generate orders quickly, get paid, and watch your business grow.

Sell on the marketplaces of the world’s best brands
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All-in-one solution designed for Merchants of any size
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New Product Listing

Upload and manage your own products or apply to sell on behalf of another merchant.

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Order Management

Generate orders and get paid using Harmony’s end-to-end order management system.

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Marketplace Directory

Apply to join private e-commerce marketplaces owned and operated by renowned global brands.

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Customer Support

Keep customers happy by taking ownership for customer support or have Harmony partners manage on your behalf.

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Platform Analytics

Monitor your store’s health and watch your business revenue grow using Harmony’s reports and dashboards.

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API Connectivity

Optimize your user experience with Harmony by connecting via API or using our UI.

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