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Create a best-in-class travel-based marketplace with Harmony for Travel

Harmony for Travel enables you to easily scale a travel-based marketplace while offering a premiere selection of experiences to customers.

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Provide signature travel experiences: Harmony for Travel

Harmony for Travel is designed to help businesses create and scale their own travel-based marketplace while sourcing premiere travel experiences from Harmony’s diverse supply network

Step 1: Harmony's team will create a Custom Marketplace for your business
  • Sign-up for Harmony for Travel and work with the Harmony team to customize designs and travel experiences offered

  • Select from thousands of available premiere travel experiences provided by Harmony's diverse supply network

  • Harmony's merchandising team can also help curate signature local experiences. Optionally, upload your business's own travel experiences

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Step 2: Drive traffic to the Custom Marketplace
  • Send your existing customers and/or employees to the new Custom Marketplace

  • Work with Harmony's marketplace operations team to fully outsource the day-to-day marketplace operations so you can focus on driving traffic

Step 3: Increase customer satisfaction and get paid
  • Drive customer and/or employee satisfaction through a diverse offering selection of experiences

  • Get paid commission on all transactions that take place on your Custom Marketplace

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Source unique travel experiences from Harmony’s supply network
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Thousands of signature and premiere experiences available to sell from Harmony’s supply network

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Diverse selection of local, artist driven, and bespoke experiences of available

Local Experiences

Select from a wide-range of localized experiences, including tours and culturally curated activities and events

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Harmony’s one-stop e-commerce marketplace platform
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Custom Design

Design a customized shopping experience. Choose from templates or work with Harmony on the design.

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List your own experiences

Create your own experiences for end customers to purchase. Earn revenue from each sale.

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Uncover 3P experiences

Use Harmony’s supply network to provide customers with a diverse selection of experiences. Earn commission revenue on every sale.

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Bookings Management

View, manage, and coordinate customer reservations and/or bookings using intuitive dashboards and workflows.

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Customer Support

Set-up customer support policies. Take ownership for support or have Harmony partners manage the day-to-day.

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Operations Outsourcing

Outsource marketplace operations to Harmony partners and watch your business thrive without the hassle.

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Platform Analytics

Monitor your marketplace’s health and watch your business revenue grow using Harmony’s reports and dashboards.

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API Connectivity

Optimize your user experience with Harmony by connecting via API or using our UI.

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