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Supercharge growth with Harmony’s 
e-commerce marketplace platform

Harmony is a one-stop solution for building, scaling, and operating an e-commerce marketplace with curated products from thousands of merchants

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Unlock new revenue from 1P sales and 3P commissions 

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Increase new and existing customer satisfaction

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10x+ Average Return on Investment due to low cost model

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The world’s best brands scale their e-commerce businesses with Harmony
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$1+ million average commission revenue in first 60 days

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10x+ Avg. ROI due to low upfront fee and revenue share model

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Thousands of merchants available to sell on marketplaces

Transform your business: Harmony for Marketplace Owners

Harmony’s marketplace platform is for businesses and social media influencers looking to own and scale an e-commerce marketplace, while retaining complete control over the customer experience

Step 1: Create Your Marketplace
  • Choose your marketplace type (1P or 3P)

  • 3P marketplaces are multi-merchant marketplaces that allow you to add global merchants and earn extra commission revenue

  • Select an easy-to-use template to design your customer-facing e-commerce experience or work with the Harmony team on a customized design

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Step 2: Connect to the Harmony Merchant Network
  • Select from thousands of 3P merchants in the Harmony merchant network or invite merchants you have a pre-existing relationship with

  • Manage merchant relationships on an ongoing basis or outsource the work to Harmony’s skilled operations partners

  • Set the commission rate and earn commission revenue on every sale from 3P merchants

Step 3: Operate your marketplace & gain business insights
  • Take full control over your marketplace operations or outsource work to one of Harmony’s operations partners

  • Harmony’s partners can handle all operations for you including customer support, payments, merchant management, and more

  • Earn sales revenue from 1P sales and commission revenue from 3P sales, while gaining insights into the overall health of your marketplace

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Grow sales with ease: Harmony Merchant Network

The Harmony Merchant Network is designed for businesses looking to quickly grow online sales by selling products through multiple private Harmony marketplaces via API or user interface

Step 1: Join Harmony and list/find products to sell
  • Apply to join the Harmony Merchant Network and onboard in a matter of hours, not weeks or months

  • Upload your products for sale or apply to sell products on behalf of other merchants

  • Manage your products using API connectivity or one unified user interface

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Step 2: Find Harmony Marketplaces
  • Apply to sell on hundreds of private Harmony marketplaces

  • Build relationships with marketplace owners and connect with new customers from all around the world

Step 3: Generate new orders and earn profits
  • With the wide range of private Harmony marketplaces available, you can attract new globally diverse customers and generate orders quickly

  • Fulfill orders and manage customer support using our user interface or via API connectivity

  • Receive payment disbursements quickly and watch your business revenue grow

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Success stories with the Harmony Platform

Hyundai Card: Customer loyalty points program

Hyundai Card deployed a new e-commerce marketplace using Harmony to allow their credit card customers to spend loyalty points

Hyundai Card achieved the following in the 60 days of operations:

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$1 million+ revenue generated (net of all fees)

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23k+ orders generated by loyalty customers

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30k+ products from 250 Merchants onboarded

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