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Why all businesses should consider a multi-merchant marketplace

Multi-merchant marketplaces are here to stay. They allow marketplace owners to earn revenue from 3P merchants and by selling their own products.

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Multi-merchant marketplaces are imperative for future success, and benefits accrue to the winners
  • According to Gartner Research, by 2023:

    • 15% of medium- to high-GMV digital commerce organizations will have deployed their own marketplaces, thereby creating an entirely new digital ecosystem

    • 30% of enterprise marketplaces will transition to a majority third-party seller (3P) model for better profitability

  • Overall, the trend is that all commerce businesses will either be owning their own marketplace and collecting commission revenue, or selling on other marketplaces and losing valuable commission revenue

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Multi-merchant marketplaces are an easy way to leverage brand equity and drive revenue growth
  • According to Gartner Research, by 2023:

    • Organizations that have operated enterprise marketplaces for more than one year will see at least 10% increase in net digital revenue

    • Top brands are embracing multi-seller marketplaces with great success, including: H&M (afound), Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

  • 3P merchants allow businesses to earn commission revenues at almost zero cost, and by using Harmony businesses can outsource the entire operations process

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Multi-merchant marketplaces allow businesses to meet evolving customer demands
  • Customers in the digital age have increasingly higher expectations for customer experience, product availability, and convenience

  • Businesses can leverage Harmony to keep up with customers by doing the following:

    • Access the Harmony merchant network to offer a wide range of products, while earning commission revenue on every sale

    • Leverage Harmony’s marketplace platform to provide a best-in-class shopping experience, while also staying on the leading edge of new technology trends

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Multi-merchant marketplaces do not have to be costly or operationally burdensome
  • With Harmony’s marketplace platform, even businesses that do not have a digital presence can deliver digital experiences in weeks, not months

  • Harmony can guide you through the entire process, from platform design to customer support, to 3P merchant management, and more

  • Harmony can operate the marketplace on your behalf, reducing your stress and allowing you to sit back and watch your business grow

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